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Laundry Pickup in Mt Washington, 90065

Can you get your laundry picked up, washed and folded then delivered back to you in Mt Washington, LA, 90065? Yes you can, Laundry Wand is a local laundromat located at 228 N Ave 50, Mt Washington, 90042. Offering laundry pickup and delivery service to all areas near and around Mt Washington, LA...

Our home pickup and delivery laundry service near Mount Washington covers All Pasadena, Downtown LA, and NELA North East LA including Highland Park, Eagle Rock and Lincoln Heights. Our laundry pickup and delivery near Mt Washington can be schedule seven days a week between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Book here by clicking the Schedule a Pickup button anywhere on our website.

Have your laundry done your way

Our knowledgeable team will pick up your laundry at your door, wash it according to your exact instructions, and deliver it back to you clean, fresh and expertly folded...

We are happy to pickup from anywhere specified and we are happy to walk up hill side steps and onto hillside properties. Laundry Wand - Laundry pickup and delivery bags after being deliveredYour laundry will be expertly cleaned, dried and folded and you will get to spend the day doing what you like. Laundry pickup and delivery is a service you will try and wish you started using years ago. No more laundry rooms, no more laundromats get outside and live your life. Schedule your laundry pickup and delivery today and experience the magic of LA!

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Pricing made simple

Pickup & Delivery is Free with our Wash & Fold laundry service. Laundry is charged by the pound. We calculate the weight when the laundry is clean and dry.

Our minimum order for Pickup & Delivery is 30 lbs and 15 lbs for in-store Wash & Fold.

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Weekly and Bi-Weekly Laundry Pickups, Priced Per lb

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Order Laundry Pickups When Ready, Priced Per lb

Click here to see a full price list and specific prices of specialty and oversized items.

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Laundry Wand - Laundromat location in Mt Washington, LA 90065

Pickup & Delivery is free for commercial and residential customers.

In addition to residential laundry delivery service near Mount Washington, we also have commercial laundry service near Mt Washington 90065. Whether you run a hotel, motel, Airbnb, run a hair salon, or are a medical professional that needs commercial laundry, we have you covered. We provide linen cleaning service near Mt Washington and so much more...

While we pick up your laundry in Mount Washington, if you also have additional dry cleaning that needs to be done place it in a seperate bag and clearly mark it as dry cleaning making sure to add it to your Schedule a Pickup order. We work with a reliable dry cleaners near Mount Washington and we will pass along the separate bag and any dry cleaning instructions. There's a minimum charge of $45 fir dry cleaning which can include your wash and fold total as well as your dry cleaning!

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Montage of Highland Park attractions

Explore the neighborhood attractions.

Imagine all the things you could be doing instead of laundry. Go have a walk about down on Figueroa...

With Laundry Wand's convenient and reliable laundry pickup and delivery service, you can leave the hill and enjoy your day and everything that our neighborhood has to offer. Or you could stay home a read up on whats going on in the community. Try this wonderful article posted by our friends at Mount Washington Homeowners Alliance - Stories of an urban oasis It's the most interesting read on the history of the hill and surrounding area. Did you know that Sycamore Park was where the first movie studios in LA where? Enjoy the read.

Profesionally folded laundry makes a difference.

Perfectly flaterened and folded laundry is so important to a great pickup and delivery laundry service experience. Imagine getting your car back from having the breaks mended and they had cleaned your car as well, you would be really happy...

It's why people with washing machines like to use a pickup and delivery service when they can. It's an imporvement in laundry quality not just convinence. We professionally clean your clothes then dry and expertly fold them. Everything is packed down into air tight plastic bags so your laundry can stay crisply folded until you are ready to use it. This is a great service for anyone but people that have a uniforms or need to look really sharp it's a game changer.

Let Laundry Wand elevate your laundry game so everyones clothes are perfectly folded and you can spend more time doing what you love.

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Local family owned business

Laundry Wand is a local family-operated, community-based laundromat serving Downtown LA, the Highland Park area, and Pasadena...

As a new business we are excited for every customer we have the pleasure of serving and aim to provide a level of service never seen before in the laundry industry.

Laundry Wand's service features

Solar powered laundry

Our pickup and delivery laundry service is complimented by our solar powered facility that also uses eco-friendly tankless water heaters to heat the water that runs through the machines...

Our homemade custom scented eco-detergents are harmless to the environment once they are run though our outbound water filtration system.

Laundry Wand. The magic the laundry industry needs.

Please review our laundry pickup and delivery service

We are a new business so we are still building our reviews. If you could leave us a review that would really help...

If you have an idea how we can improve our service please let us know. We are fully committed to offering the best laundry experience possible and really appreciate any input you might have to make our service better.

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Experience the magic of Laundry Wand.

Thanks for visiting our website and reading about laundry pickup and delivery in LA and how else Laundry Wand want to change the industry...

You can only know the magic of Laundry Wand’s Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service once you order it. We are happy to pickup whenever it’s convenient with you so let’s get your 1st order scheduled.

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