Photo of Laundry Wand's range of eco-friendly detergents.

Laundry Wands Homemade detergent is coming to a store near you soon.

We hope to get our home made natural detergents into stores soon

We have created the perfect home made natural detergent, now we need to design eco-friendly packaging and get it in stores...

We are going to offer a little slice of laundry magic to customers who live outside the Los Angeles area. Photo of Laundry Wand's tripped over jar of in-storre, eco-friendly detergents. Laundry Wand is committed to changing the laundry industry with custom scents and eco-friendly practices in the future.

Laundry Wand’s natural draw freshener bags

Our laundry pickup and delivery customers are getting free moth repealing, fantastic smelling all natural draw freshener bags.

Placed inside our laundry pickup and delivery service, customers get a free organza draw freshener bag full of lavinder...

The idea is to source all natural great smelling herbs will keep moths away and keep our customers draws and clothes smelling great.

Foraging for fresh herbs.

Inline with our solar powered, tankless water-heated, Eco-friendly water filtrated laundromat facility we want to take our staff out into the wilderness and forage for the herbs ourselves...

We know sage is available up in the mountain above Pasadena but it’s endangered. So we will be off to the lavender fields in Beaumont, CA this summer Click to see the lavinder fields. With lavender as our base we will then add a special blend of herbs for either a woodsy smell for him or a floral scent for her depending on whose cupboards they are going to freshen. Maybe we will make a bubble gum smelling one for kids, joking or am I, Our kids would love that.

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