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Laundry Pickup and Delivery
covering East LA and Pasadena

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Cheap, compfy and clean
laundromat in Highland Park, LA

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Excellent Wash and Fold
laundry drop off

LA's best Laundry pickup and delivery service.

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Wave your wand, your laundry is done.

Laundry Wand laundromat is located at 228 N Ave 50, Highland Park, 90042 and offers an eco-friendly way for you to come in and do Laundry...

Our newly renovated facility is open from 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week and has 26 washers and 32 dryers that run on solar power and tankless heated water. Our customers enjoy a clean and friendly environment to do laundry in. And we have a great drop off Wash and Fold service. Laundry Wash and Fold orders are done over night ready to be delivered via our Laundry Pickup and delivery service van that goes out to homes and businesses the next day.

Check to see if our laundry pickup and delivery van already visits your area.

Fresh, Clean, Laundry Delivered to your door.

We want you to have the best laundry experience, and what experience is better than simply getting laundry pickup and delivery to your home, professionally cleaned, crisply folded and delivered back to you the next day at the latest...

Never worry about the hassle of laundry again, we've got you covered! Just click on Schedule a Pickup to see if our drivers cover your area or swing by our location, drop it off and let us take care of the rest.

How the pickup & delivery service works

Schedule a free pickup

Order online or by phone, listing any delicates info and washing upgrades. We can pickup from your doorstep, 7 days a week.

Handled with real care

Your Laundry is picked up from your door in a bag of your choice. Then booked in at our laundromat.

Professionally cleaned clothes

Over night your laundry is cleaned, dried, folded, and packed ready to be delivered back to your home.

Delivered back to your doorstep

Your clothes arrive at your door tightly wrapped in clear plastic. Ready to be stored or put straight into your drawers.

Our Los Angeles laundry pickup and delivery service operates in Pasadena, Highland Park and Downtown LA.

Is that near you?

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Order laundry pickup & delivery now

You can choose your washing preferences online when you Schedule a Pickup, including any special instructions for delicate items...

You can specify if you want to leave your laundry pickup and delivery from your doorstep or have the driver knock on your door. Our laundry delivery vans pick up from apartment buildings and walk up hillside stairs. If your hard to find, don't worry, our drivers will give you a call just before arriving. Once we have completed our first washing service we can switch you to a smarter, more eco-friendly schedule. Schedule a Pickup or Call us at: +1 310 623 2477 to get started over the phone.

Pricing made simple

Pickup and Delivery is Free with our Wash and Fold laundry service. Laundry is charged by the pound and we calculate the weight when the laundry is clean and dry.

Our minimum order for Laundry Pickup and Delivery is 15 lbs ($38.25) and 10 lbs ($25.00) for in-store Wash and Fold.

Rinse & Repeat

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Laundry Pickups, Priced Per lb

Pay As You Go

Order Laundry Pickups When Ready, Priced Per lb

Click here to see a full price list and specific prices of specialty and oversized items.

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Pickup & Delivery

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If you have an idea how we can improve our service please let us know. We are fully committed to offering the best laundry experience possible and really appreciate any input you might have to make our service better.

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Experience the magic of Laundry Wand.

Thanks for visiting our website and reading about laundry pickup and delivery in LA and how else Laundry Wand want to change the industry...

You can only know the magic of Laundry Wand’s Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service once you order it. We are happy to pickup whenever it’s convenient with you so let’s get your 1st order scheduled.

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