Laundry Service for restaurants

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Looking for a reliable laundry pickup and delivery service in LA for your restaurant? Look no further than Laundry Wand and it's wash and fold service! We understand the unique needs of restaurants when it comes to laundry, and we offer a convenient and reliable laundry pickup and delivery service that can be scheduled to fit your busy schedule...

Our team of professional washers uses a choice of high-quality detergents you select and the latest equipment and washing no how to ensure that your linens and uniforms are cleaned properly, last a long time and smell fresh. From removing tough stains to ensuring proper folding our team is the best. Our laundry pickup and delivery services automated ordering system and managment software ensure easy-of-use and no mistakes. And with easy invoicing and a 30-day net payment system, we make laundry hassle-free.

Pricing made simple

Pickup & Delivery is Free with our Wash & Fold laundry service. Laundry is charged by the pound. We calculate the weight when the laundry is clean and dry.

Our minimum order for Pickup & Delivery is 30 lbs and 15 lbs for in-store Wash & Fold.

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Weekly and Bi-Weekly Laundry Pickups, Priced Per lb

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Order Laundry Pickups When Ready, Priced Per lb

Click here to see a full price list and specific prices of specialty and oversized items.

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Laundry Wand works with the best local resaurants

As a restaurant manager, you know about building relationships with your customers, its the same on a busienss level. By working with other local businesses in your community you are increasing your exposure to the social proof business owners can offer...

When a local buseiness owner says they are working with you, they are building your social proof and you are building communnity. Your customer base hears this and that these connections are being made and it's the best communication your business can do. It's a much stronger communication than a normal recomendation or review. Click Schedule a pickup and start making connections, building stories and planning activities.

We are a key local business

Laundry Wand is one of those key local businesses that work across industries with all local business and connects them through story and community building. We will share your story, put up posters for our clients to see and let everyone know you are a valued customer of ours...

Working with local businesses also allows you to collaborate on promotions, events, and community initiatives. This again help you reach your audience but in a more connected way. When customers see that your restaurant is involved in the community, it creates a deeper connection and a sense of loyalty. Customers will be more likely to mention you in conversation and choose to recommend your restaurant as their favotate place because they feel connected to your business and know that you care about them and their community.

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Perfectly cleaned table clothes and aprons

At Laundry Wand, we don't just boil our apons in bleach, we induvidually wash ever item like we do for our residental clients, each item is important to us. We use specialized techniques to properly clean and sanitize so you can feel excellent at work...

We separate aprons and table clothes by color, fabric type and weight, we pre-treat stains depending on what they are, and use high-quality detergents specifically formulated for table linens. For aprons, we pay special attention to cuffes, sleeves, pockets and straps. Our commercial-grade washers and dryers have specific settings to ensure proper cleaning and drying, and we double-check each item for stains before delivery. We take extra care when folding and packaging to ensure all items are placked flat so they press even more over time. Call us on +1 310 623 2477 to experience our expert laundry services.

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Experience the magic of Laundry Wand.

Thanks for visiting our website and reading about laundry pickup and delivery in LA and how else Laundry Wand want to change the industry...

You can only know the magic of Laundry Wand’s Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service once you order it. We are happy to pickup whenever it’s convenient with you so let’s get your 1st order scheduled.

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